Burrer Engineering offers SCADA professional services for various industries.

Through our professional engineers and SCADA Programming capabilities, Burrer Engineering develops automation systems following safety guidelines and best practices. Each system designed by our experts takes the owner’s vision, operator preferences, and safety into account for each design.

Our programming capabilities take the industrial equipment, networking, and communication systems included in our engineered designs and develop control logic that creates autonomous control, and reporting of these critical infrastructure facilities.

Each hardware manufacturer has their own proprietary software that requires training and experience to properly develop an effective SCADA system. Our programming experience includes the following platforms:

  • Siemens

  • Allen Bradley

  • Schneider Platforms (ScadaPack, EcoStructure, and more).



  • Maple

  • Ignition

  • Autodialers

  • Serial/Ethernet Radio Configurations

  • Cellular Routers