Low-Voltage/Security Design Services

Burrer engineering offers Low-Voltage Cabling and Security System Design for both building and large area facilities.

Our engineers have experience with data cabling for access control and site surveillance systems meeting maritime security sensitive information guidelines and industry standards across various facilities. Our experience ranges from long distance outdoor surveillance field of view calculations to fiber backbone connectivity to building horizontal cabling.

Design experience includes; private/public maritime ports, K-12 schools, commercial buildings, municipal water/wastewater facilities, and wide area tenant systems.

Structured Cabling Services

Burrer engineering staff are experienced in designing structure cabling systems for various facilities utilizing various raceways (J-hooks, cable tray, conduit), cabling manufacturers, and communication mediums (ethernet, coax, fiber, and serial cables) adhering to standard BISCI/ANSI/TIA/EIA standards. Burrer engineering evaluates cabling attenuation results including copper and OTDR for fiber optic installations.

  • Single mode fiber optic systems

  • Multi mode fiber optic systems

  • Point-to-point wireless communication

  • Wireless access point designs

  • Industrial serial connections

  • Copper backbone systems

  • ISP Coordination

  • Civil Coordination for incoming ISP cabling

  • Coordination for IPPA and other copper-based systems

  • Indoor/Outdoor designs

  • Wide area network designs across mile(s) separated assets.

Security Design Services

Site security, network security, and industrial cyber security have become more integral to capital improvement for both existing and new facilities over the past decade. Our staff has designed to homeland security requirements for maritime facilities, site security for industrial water/wastewater facilities, cyber security for programmable logic controllers/network switches, site/building security for commercial, K-12, and higher education facilities for over 10 years. Under Burrer Engineering, we continue to provide our services for clients across the great state of Texas.

  • Site Surveillance

  • Infrared Surveillance with virtual trip wire capabilities

  • Maritime Surveillance systems

  • Access control

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Motion detectors

  • Glass break

  • Panic Push Bar

  • Maglocks

  • Electric Strikes

  • Coordination with Architect DIV. 08

  • Coordination for licensing and expansion capabilities

  • Rolling gates w/ traffic loop & gate arms

  • Heavy truck access